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Premier Rogue River Rafting, Hiking and Kayaking Trips

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Rogue River Rafting

Rogue River Rafting

Prior to starting your Oregon rafting trip, the staff at White Water Warehouse is here to serve you. One call does it all. If needed, the friendly office staff can assist you in booking every aspect of your Rogue trip adventure. From pre- and post-trip lodging, to helping arrange shuttles, to even giving you guidance on air flights, we really are here to serve you throughout the process of booking your Oregon Rogue River rafting trip.

Once you embark on your Oregon Rogue River rafting, kayaking or hiking vacation, you begin to understand what a magical place this is--and why Oregon's Rogue River has been protected as a wild and scenic river since 1968. In fact, the Rogue River was one of the original twelve rivers designated under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The Wild Rogue Wilderness Act augments the protection of Oregon's Rogue River wild and scenic designation.

Oregon's pristine Rogue River flows deep into a wooded canyon, a botanically rich and diverse ecosystem, a true paradise. Depending on whether your looking at a north-facing or south-facing slop, the Rogue River canyon is either wet and lush or arid and sparse. Madrone trees with red bark peeling from their smooth trunks cluster on the Rogue's southern exposed banks.

The Rogue River's most coveted Oregon rafting and kayaking run is this wild and scenic stretch beginning at Grave Creek and ending at Foster Bar. This is an Oregon rafting enthusiast's dream, dropping through a series of spine-tingling rapids separated by quiet, even-flowing pools. These moments of quiet respite create an ideal setting for lying back and gazing at the spectacular canyon scenery that slides past your gliding raft or kayak.

Glancing over to the mossy banks of the mighty Oregon Rogue River, you might likely spy a blue heron spiking a tiny fish for dinner, a black bear foraging for berries, an eagle keeping a lookout high in the trees for its next meal, or even a playful family of otters out to spin and twist in the Rogue's waters…making you laugh out loud at their antics.

An Oregon Rogue River rafting adventure captures it all: history, folklore, wildlife, and fantastically eroded geologic features. For many folks, this is the best, most relaxing rafting vacation they have ever experienced...which is why they keep coming back year after year...to stay in touch with the unique character of Oregon's Rogue River rafting and kayaking canyon.

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Rogue River Rafting - Lodge to Lodge - Oregon, United States
Duration: 3-4 days   Season: May-October   

Oregon's Rogue River lodges are unique in many ways. Rustic but friendly, these riverside lodges provide a wonderful haven for White Water Warehouse's guests each summer. They are located right off the river's edge along the wilderness section of ...

Rogue River - Charters & Groups - Oregon, United States
Duration: 3-4 days   Season: May-October   

Each summer the Whitewater Warehouse staff is lucky enough to play host to 3 or 4 family charters on the beautiful Rogue River. Helping these families plan the reunion or vacation of a lifetime is super gratifying for us! It is a treat to watch fa...

Rogue River Rafting - Camping Trips - Oregon, United States
Duration: 4 days   Season: May-October   

For many folks, camping along a river's edge and falling asleep under the stars is complete nirvana. The ultimate relaxing vacation. The Rogue River offers one of the most magical camping experiences you will ever find. Sandy beaches to camp river...

Rogue River Rafting - Food & Wine - Oregon, United States
Duration: 3 days   Season: May-October   

If you are a true "foodie" and love the idea of pairing incredible cuisine and wonderful wines with a superb whitewater rafting experience - then you found the right trip! Our gourmet rafting trips feature a talented, local chef who prepares our d...

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